The pedal is to the metal, full speed ahead

February 2017

Dear Colorado dealers,

The pedal is to the metal, full speed ahead!

CADA’s biggest week of the year — indeed the most important week of the year for Colorado automotive industry, dealers, distributors and manufacturer, and the most exciting one for car aficionados —
is fast approaching.

The 2017 Denver Auto Show, and its related events, is coming up in early April (5th through 9th). These events provide an excellent opportunity for your participation, dealer engagement, personnel involvement and your key people within your operations.

Final planning is underway for all our events. I hope you’ll join us and invite your key people to these important and timely events:
Tuesday, April 4: The annual Innovative Dealer Summer kicks off at 8 a.m., in front of the Big Blue Bear at Denver’s Colorado Convention

Now in its ninth year, the Summit has proven to represent a timely and important staple for marketing sales, digital reach and emerging information essentials that ensure our car stores’ success.

CADA has once again assembled an impressive lineup of nationally recognized automotive leaders — actually top-quality presenters in developing marketplace information that can make or break stores.

That night, CADA will open its doors for the 9th Annual Charity Preview Party premiere, Carnivale-themed event. Proceeds from the event benefit three charities: The Clear the Air Foundation, the Denver Post Community Foundation and National Jewish Health.

The Charity Preview Party gives us the opportunity to expose our industry to key publics, including policy makers and key community leaders. It also has grown each year, both in net revenues to the charities themselves and in number of overall attendance.

Members of the press are invited to the party as CADA’s guests, as are members of the Colorado State Legislature and statewide office holders.

CADA also hosts the annual Colorado car convoy across the state, which runs from March 21-24. Watch for the exact times, dates and locations in the next Bulletin. Wrapping up the car convoy on Sunday, April 2, is CADA’s 10th annual Green Car Parade at the Colorado State Capitol building. It’s a great opportunity to showcase our cars’ new green technologies to our state’s key policymakers and media.

The highly anticipated Denver Auto Show officially opens Wednesday, April 5 and runs through Sunday, April 9. Our auto show has a long, rich history that dates back to 1902, and was the third-oldest manufacturer-backed auto show in the country (behind New York City, which started in 1900, and Chicago, which started in 1901).

As your chair and colleague, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to get involved in any — or if you can swing it, all — of the events that spotlight our industry. Send your key people to the Innovative Dealer Summit and sign up for the Colorado Car Company in the green car print. Your participation ensures that CADA will continue providing the services we all need in our businesses, along with continued representation at the state capitol.

Kind regards,

Ed Dobbs
Colorado Automobile Dealers Association