The 2015 Denver Auto Show is Here

I’m always excited when the Denver Auto Show rolls around. I’m a “car guy” through and through. I started working on them in my high school shop classes in Colorado Springs, and learned even more in the Automotive Service Education Program at Arapahoe Community College. I began my formal automotive career as a line technician at Red Noland Cadillac in Colorado Springs, eventually working my way up to the point where my business partner and I were able to buy the dealership.

For car nuts like me, the Denver Auto Show is a bit like a candy store. With almost 40 different brands exhibiting at the same time on the show floor at the Colorado Convention Center, it’s a great opportunity to see and compare what’s currently on the market. There is not another venue between L.A. and Chicago that affords the consumer (or any fan of today’s automobiles) this type of opportunity to compare so many different makes and models all under one roof. Cars have come a long way since I took that first shop class. The technology that automakers have installed is simply amazing and has transformed personal transportation. The different ways of interacting with our vehicles and all the things they can do for the users can be truly mind-blowing. This current crop of automobiles and light trucks is the safest and most efficient ever. It’s also the cleanest.

That’s pretty important as Coloradans try to juggle the need to get to work and transport their families to all the places they need to go with our desire to live in a clean and healthy environment. And, of course, we want to have some fun doing it, too!

The members of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association take the environment very seriously. This organization enlists Colorado’s new-vehicle dealerships, as well as the public, in getting older, higher-emission vehicles off our streets through the creation of the Clear the Air Foundation. The net proceeds from this year’s Denver Auto Show Charity Preview Party will go toward supporting the efforts of the Clear the Air Foundation, National Jewish Health in treating environmentally related breathing disorders and The Denver Post Community Foundation.

The Clear the Air Foundation also provides scholar-ship support for students studying for careers in the automotive and technology sectors. The Clear the Air Foundation and the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association are proud to be able to contribute to educating the next generation of people who will continue the trend toward cleaner, more efficient, and safer automobiles and light trucks.


Thom Buckley
Chair, CADA Board of Directors