A CADA first: Maui to host Annual Convention

July 2017

Aloha Member Dealer:

The best deals of the season on swimwear are upon
us, so I suggest you invest in a new beach outfit
to wear at the 2017 CADA Convention in Maui,
November 12–15!

CADA sent out an announcement in June with
what promises to be a great way to benefit from
an exchange of important and interesting association
information with your fellow dealers and the
chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery
and recreational opportunities available anywhere.
This is the first time since 2002 that CADA has organized a convention for us. We’ve had annual meetings and galas, but our intention with a convention, especially one at such a standout
destination, takes things up a notch or two.

Bigger is better

When your board discussed the idea earlier this
year at a meeting, we talked about whether to take
baby steps at say, a Colorado or California resort.
Board members said, “If we’re going to do this, it’s
‘Go big or go home!’”

Originally, we thought about doing it next summer, then decided that Hawaii was the best place — and the best time to go there was when the weather in Colorado is cold.

Why Hawaii for a convention?

Hawaii seemed like a great way to get dealers interested and maybe even make it a family vacation.
Greg Remensperger, CEO of the Oregon Automobile Dealers Association, observed that their attendance at Hawaiian conventions has increased every year for six years. “The minute one convention is over, the dealers want to know when the next one is going to be, so they can put it on their calendars,” he said, adding that the formula for success is a careful mix of business and pleasure.

Business meetings will be packed with excellent
speakers on timely topics. We’ll share more about the three-year direction the board settled on at our strategic planning meeting and where our legislative efforts will be focused.

This is a chance to learn from one another in a relaxed environment, because some of the best learning comes from our fellow dealers. As long-time Missouri association executive Ralph Kalberloh noted, conventions are a time to energize and push goals that are for the good of the industry and the good of the dealer base.

That said, we’re going to the Grand Wailea Resort on Maui, which sits right on the beach. It has nine swimming pools, including one just for adults. It has a special program for children(including teens), which features The ERock, a 20,000-square foot, kids-oriented facility.

Myriad dining options ensure that there’s something to appeal to every taste, including the world-renowned Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, which overlooks the ocean and includes island cuisine. There’s an over-the-top spa, yoga on the beach, an amazing workout facility and fantastic rooms. What’s more, it’s close to one of Maui’s best shopping areas. The next time you’re online, check it out: grandwailea.com.

Sunday kicks off the convention

The festivities start Sunday evening with a
welcome reception on the beach that’s complete
with music, heavy appetizers and drinks. Monday morning, we’ll gather at Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Did you know that’s also the name of Hawaii’s state fish? Points for correct pronunciation!) for breakfast, followed by our business meeting until noon.

After lunch, you and your guests (You do plan
to bring guests, don’t you?) have the rest of the day
on your own. Tuesday morning is a repeat, with the
afternoon on your own and a spectacular closing
dinner that evening, with music and island entertainment on the beach.

Throughout our stay, CADA will have a hospitality
desk at the Grand Wailea, where on your own, you can arrange for excursions and activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, helicopter rides and dining reservations. The desk will be open through Wednesday evening.

The pitch

If you sign up by September 30, you’ll get the
early-bird price. Here’s how:

Online — Colorado.auto/events
E-mail — CADA2017@colorado.auto
Fax — 303.831.4205

To make your reservations at the Grand Wailea, click here.
Then enter pass code CADA 2017 (there’s a space between the letters and the numbers) to get the special CADA Convention rate.

Not surprisingly, we already have a few reservations.
After all, what could be better than doing some business, then relaxing with an umbrella drink, some beach or pool time and a round of golf?


Ed Dobbs, Chair
Colorado Automobile Dealers Association